5 Apr – 4 May 2003

Interstice/ Double Impact

Ian Kiaer, Sissi

Pending renovations, W139 was expected to temporarily vacate its premises on the Warmoesstraat in February 2003. However, last month we were informed that the renovations would no longer take place according to the schedule drawn up in the autumn of 2002. De Key housing association and collaborating architect Vincent Smulders have announced that rebuilding activities will start in September 2003 at the earliest.

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W139 has decided to take advantage of these changes to the schedule and to continue using this curious exhibition space for as long as it is at our disposal.

As of April 8th 2003, W139’s offices will move to the PAKT building on the Zeeburgerpad in Amsterdam, which also houses the artists’ initiative De Parel, the band Caesar and the Pipslab multimedia collective. The Warmoesstraat venue however will continue to host events and exhibitions until the definite date of vacation.

Naturally the above has major consequences for W139’s exhibition activities, and visitors can expect regular changes to our scheduling in the months ahead. To receive the most current information on upcoming events you are advised to visit our web site www.w139.nl.

After the summer W139 will also be publishing a monthly newsletter for friends and other interested parties. Those who wish to join the mailing list can contact Else Lenselink at info@w139.nl. The series of ‘interval exhibitions’ kicked off March 7th in the Warmoesstraat with the performance ‘NIVEA’ by the Kosovar Albanian artist Sislej Xhafa.

It now continues with the show ‘Interstice/Double Impact’, which opens April 4th 2003 and runs through May 4th 2003.

‘Interstice/Double Impact’ comprises two solo presentations; a subtle installation by the British artist Ian Kiaer in the front room, and in the back room an impressive setting created for a performance by the Italian artist Sissi, which will take place on April 4th starting 9 p.m.

In his work, Ian Kiaer (London, 1971), who among other things took part in the Manifesta 3 in Ljubljana, combines architectural concepts with personal memories and references to Western and Oriental art history. His installations deal with a wide range of subject matter - from the autobiographical to the abstract-theoretical - resulting in what the American curator Jessica Morgan has described as ‘a uniquely poetic fusion of narrative, architecture and form’. His latest installation in W139 brings together reflections on the migration of bees with references to the work of Moshe Safdie and an analysis of the specific allocation of space in the Warmoesstraat building.

The Italian artist Sissi (Bologna, 1977) is the youthful winner of last year’s Furla Prize. The list of inspirations for her presentation includes Chrétien de Troy’s ‘Parsifal’, catholic pilgrimages, the movie ‘Being John Malkovitch’, the Greek myth of Cassandra and Japanese temple rituals. She has constructed an ‘arena’ in W139’s back room, which serves as the backdrop for her marathon performance ‘The Walk’.

In conclusion, W139 is happy to announce the start of a new series of invitations made by Roger Willems, Marc Manders’ regular designer, who will be working in close collaboration with the Mexican artist Erick Beltran, currently working at the Rijksakademie.


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