16 Mar – 7 Apr 2002

Cucina Mobile

Katrin Korfmann, Rebecca Sakoun

W139 asked Katrin Korfmann and Rebecca Sakoun to put together a programme in which the front space would house their mobile kitchen for three weeks.

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With this in mind, they invited a number of artists to arrange an evening which would portray both their work and the use of the 'cucina mobile' in the best possible light. Various plans were put forward, all promising a whole range of activities. Alongside the cucina mobile, the front exhibition hall also accommodates the documented version of the course of the events. The entire proceedings are recorded by means of texts and AV-media.

Large numbers of the public are also given the opportunity to be present at these evenings, in order to enjoy to the full the result of the six-ring gas cooker and fan-assisted oven that constitute this amazingly beautiful cucina mobile.

The programme itself varies from a live-stream show featuring 8 top models, a set in which the public are photographed while eating as if they were taking part in a hunters' feast and TV-recordings featuring a real TV-chef, to a tour of the red light area, back to the audience. Announcements and detailed descriptions of the various activities are made in the front exhibition hall.

Designpolitie made a physical invitation for this show, a part of the series of invitations for W139 that year that appeared throughout Amsterdam.