6 – 20 May 2001

Wonderful Young Jenever

Thijs Kauffmann

One who searches, one who finds. And what Kauffmann has found he uses to continue his search.

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In quest of a logical association that owes more to his own reality. A photo that says that Amsterdam is still 22 kilometres away, the word 'chic' on a battered scrap of cardboard, a Spyrograph drawing.

Kauffmann gathers together a Wunderkammer of drawings, crates and boxes bearing words that refer to each other. And objects, paint, sporadic colour and self-created systems that end in chaos rather than method are strewn throughout.

A little further hangs a black and white screenprint on which colour-ranked film titles serve as the backdrop to an alchemical reaction. A reaction brought about by rubbing two Oscars together. And then there's the totem pole, the saint, the praying girl.

A searcher, a finder - that much is certain. A sharp-witted adventurer's collection of urban jungle detritus.