24 Nov – 16 Dec 2001

The Chestgallery

Geer van der Klugt, Jean Bernard Koeman, David Miles, Ed Pien, Jan Rothuizen, Michael Tedja, Evren Tekinoktay

The Chestgallery is presentation of various T-shirts. Seven artists each made a special design for the launch of W139's Chestgallery, a public gallery on people's chests.

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W139 chose these artists for their proven talent for clear line drawing. They created clear and simple images that must look good on a human torso. On your torso, because the T-shirts can be bought for 25 euro a piece, even less than the price of an average high street brand t-shirt, and are produced in limited editions of 50 per artist.

The Chestgallery will be presented as an annexe to The Sweatshop, the right habitat in which to discover which drawing best suits your chest. In various colours and sizes.

The t-shirts are now also available through our W139 online shop.